Pregnant women experience many different physiological and psychological changes. Many suffer with hormonal fluctuations that vary from month to month. As hormones regulate all processes in the body, they affect the skin, metabolism, cardiovascular system, internal organs, etc. There are also some aesthetic concerns during pregnancy, the two most common are body weight and spider veins.

Gaining unnecessary weight happens very often during pregnancy. It is natural for a woman to gain 25-35 pounds during this period, but more than that is not recommended.

Spider Veins during the PregnancyBlood vessels are more sensitive during pregnancy due to the frequent hormonal changes and increased blood volume. Spider veins often appear on legs, face and other body parts with sensitive skin. They resemble a blue or red spider web. Fortunately, spider veins are not dangerous for the unborn child’s health. On the other hand, it can be stressful for a woman to face this unappealing condition. Spider veins sometimes appear together with varicose veins, which is a more serious condition that can lead to severe complications, especially during pregnancy.

Preventing Spider Veins

Exercising and adopting a healthy diet are good preventative measures for spider veins. Diet is important in two ways. Firstly, pregnant women should monitor their daily calorie intake to avoid the possibility of gaining too much weight. Excessive weight is an additional burden that the lower body has to carry, which can be detrimental to already swollen and sensitive veins. Secondly, they should take sufficient amounts of high-quality nutrients, to ensure proper health for the unborn child and themselves. They should consume foods rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and fiber. Additionally, daily intake of fiber is important to prevent constipation and to keep the digestive system working. Constipation can also be a risk factor for the appearance of spider veins. Vitamin C helps to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels, including veins. It is also beneficial for promoting blood circulation and for tissue regeneration.

Spider Veins during the PregnancyWomen should exercise during their pregnancies to improve their blood circulation. However, it is highly recommended for them to consult with their physicians before starting any workout regimes. Also, they should stick to light or moderate activities like walking or swimming. Cycling on an indoor bike may be beneficial, but riding a bike outside can be dangerous due to the risk of falling. All these activities are great for enhancing blood flow. They are engaging the legs and elevating the heart rate, so they are a healthy way to prevent spider veins.

Another way to prevent spider veins is to relax the lower body’s muscles by elevating the legs during the night. Pregnant women should also avoid prolonged standing and sitting. If sitting for a few hours is inevitable, they are advised to get up and walk around every half an hour. Also, pregnant women should not cross their legs because in doing so blood circulation will slow down. Wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes will also contribute to the appearance of the spider veins. Pregnant women should buy clothes designed especially for them at maternity shops and department stores.

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