Although spider veins are far less dangerous than varicose veins, they present a huge problem from the aesthetic point of view. Spider veins got their name because of their resemblance to a spider’s web. The “web” is formed of thin veins that usually look bluish or purplish, or even reddish. No wonder why some people are ashamed of their skin being covered with spider veins. Spider veins are thin and they are not related to serious symptoms like ulcers or bleeding. Still, they can cause some discomfort, usually mild pain or itching.

Spider veins are caused by disturbed blood circulation in the limbs. They should be treated on time, in order to prevent more serious complications or the possibility of varicose veins.  They can also have a negative influence on self-esteem, especially during the summer when legs are exposed. Women sometimes tend to avoid wearing short skirts and other similar clothes, just to hide their spider veins.

Effective Solutions for Your Spider VeinsThere are several ways to treat spider veins. Treatments are more effective at the early stages. Laser therapy is performed by aiming a laser beam directly into the veins. Fortunately, this is not a surgical procedure, so there is no possibility of leaving scars. However, it might require a few treatments in order to make the procedure more efficient. A second possible solution, in which a doctor surgically removes the problematic veins, is called phlebotomy. It might leave a small scar if the wound is not properly cared for. Also, after this procedure, some rest is required as there is always a possibility for infection. There are no guarantees that this is a permanent solution since there have been cases of recurring spider veins.

Sclerotherapy can also help with spider veins. A salt solution is injected directly into the vein, causing it to collapse. Then the blood is forced to flow through other, healthier veins. Besides these medical procedures for treatment, there are some natural measures that everyone can apply. They are inexpensive, but they require certain lifestyle changes.

Natural Ways to Fight Spider Veins

Effective Solutions for Your Spider VeinsNutrition is one of the factors which can successfully prevent the occurrence and enhance the treatment of spider veins. Food like fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins which can strengthen the vascular system. It is especially important for you to have a sufficient daily intake of vitamin C.

Also, it is recommended to avoid unhealthy fast food, fatty foods and white flour and be moderate in consuming carbohydrates.

It is important to start with some sort of physical activity, but without vigorous exercising. Walking, swimming or some other mild to moderate cardio training can be beneficial. Gaining weight can be harmful, so it is crucial that you watch your weight. Excessive standing or sitting is very dangerous and should be avoided if it is possible. When sitting, do not cross your legs because it will additionally slow down blood circulation. Other unhealthy habits, like smoking or drinking alcohol, should also be avoided.

Prevention of spider veins is much easier than the treatment, so it is crucial to pay attention and choose the right treatment.

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