Spider veins, or telangiectasia, is a medical condition where capillaries are damaged which results in them becoming visible on the skin and leaving reddish or violet thin marks akin to that of a spider web. This can be quite unsightly, to say the least, and might have an adverse effect on one’s confidence and self-esteem. Spider veins usually appear around the nose or under the eyes. The causes of spider veins differ from the causes of varicose veins that usually appear on the legs. While spider veins are normally harmless with no need for any serious concern, the main issue here is a matter of cosmetics.

There are several treatments available for people who have spider veins visible on their faces, but for now let’s talk about the causes. Learning the root of the problem can help you prevent it from happening in the future. Below are the main causes of telangiectasia, or spider veins, on the face.

Venous Deficiency

How to Prevent Facial Spider VeinsThis is the most common cause of spider veins. Venous deficiency is caused when blood flow slows down which results in your veins getting a bit clogged up. The pressure caused by this slowed blood flow can damage the blood vessel walls. Venous deficiency can also be caused by obesity, high blood pressure, and inflammation. There are also other non-medical causes of facial spider veins that include washing and rubbing your face too hard which can cause your capillaries to burst or get damaged.

Old Age

Aging causes our body to weaken in more ways than one. Our skin tends to become drier and the elasticity also takes a huge drop. There are two types of spider veins that may develop, the smaller ones are reddish while the larger spider veins tend to be a bit bluish in color. The color actually stems from the body’s capabilities to repair damaged capillaries. Younger veins tend to produce redder spider veins until it gets repaired.


Skin diseases can also cause spider veins as it causes several inflammations in the body. These inflammations will cause tremendous pressure on your veins which will then lead to venous conditions.

Free Radicals

How to Prevent Facial Spider VeinsFree radicals cause our skin to age rapidly if left unchecked. Hence, it is one of the biggest causes of spider veins and other skin conditions. As free radicals start to affect the body, our skin tends to become more susceptible to pollution. For example, our skin will become less immune to sun exposure. Years of smoking will also increase the risk of spider veins as you grow older.


Spider veins can be quite a nuisance due to it being visible and as it has a habit of appearing around the face. You can take the necessary steps to prevent spider veins by changing your lifestyle to be more health oriented. Spider veins will disappear overtime, if you wish to prevent it or treat it faster, then start eating healthy and focus on antioxidation.

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