What is Varico-Gel?

This product review will give you an idea of how Varico-Gel, manufactured by Swati Spentose PVT, works and whether or not it would be a smart choice. This ointment is said to be ideal for people who have varicose veins. Not only will it reduce pain, but it will also stop swelling.


Despite our thorough research, we were unable to find a list of ingredients for this product. The manufacturer does not seem to have given customers many details regarding the formula of this ointment. We only managed to learn that Varico-Gel contains extracts of fagus sylvatica (beechwood) which is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. Other than that, the other ingredients remain a mystery. Customers should definitely read the label carefully.


When it comes to dosage instructions, things seem to be pretty clear. The product is only intended for external use and it should be applied on affected areas up to three times a day.


As far as the price of the gel goes we were again unable to find much information, despite our best efforts. It seems that the company has quite an odd policy when it comes to orders, as they ask potential customers to fill out a form (name, address, phone number, email, number of Varico-Gel tubes they want to order) in order to be contacted by a customer care advisor. This is odd, especially since there is no mention of the price of one tube anywhere on the website.

Possible Side Effects

Although the manufacturers have failed to provide potential customers with a list of ingredients and a price for this product, they did manage to give out some information about the possible side effects it might have. The good news is that there are none. They only advise customers not to apply the gel on bruised or abraded skin.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Sadly, one other drawback of the gel is that it does not have a guarantee from its producers. Of course, this led us to believe that the manufacturers don’t have very much confidence in their product. This also raises some serious questions regarding its effectiveness and the quality of the used ingredients. On top of that, customer reviews also seem to be completely lacking.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that this gel could be an effective product. The good thing about it is the fact that it has no recorded side effects and that it is incredibly easy to use. However, there are some pretty serious concerns raised by the lack of ingredients, guarantee and customer reviews, not to mention the lack of a price. As a result, you might be better off looking for a more suitable product for your needs.

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