What is Nature’s Way Leg Veins Support Blend?

Leg Veins Support Blend is said by the manufacturer to help strengthen and tone vein walls, and encourage healthy circulation.  Research suggests that the ingredients listed below do, in fact, strengthen vascular walls and support healthy circulation.


Each serving contains approximately:

  • Just under 1g of Total Carbohydrate
  • 30mg of Vitamin C
  • 300mg Horse Chestnut Seed Extract (standardized)
  • 150mg Butcher’s Broom (a root)
  • 150mg Cayenne Pepper
  • 150mg Dandelion Leaf
  • 50mg Northern Prickly Ash bark
  • 37mg Tru-OPCs™ Grape Seed Extract

The product additionally contains:

The product contains no artificial flavorings or colorings, preservatives, sugar, dairy products or gluten. It is thus suitable for both vegetarians and those who are lactose-intolerant.


The company instructs the user to take 2 capsules once per day, ideally with food. No further directions are mentioned, thus a user may want to consult a medical professional before using this product.


At the time of writing, a bottle of 120 vegetarian capsules was available on Amazon for $11.60. The product is also available in stores, and its cost may vary accordingly.

Possible Side Effects

While we did not find any specific side-effects that may result from using the product, the company has cautioned its users regarding its use. Users have been warned against consuming the capsules during pregnancy and nursing. Furthermore, the company cautions users against consumption if they suffer from inflammatory or intestinal problems, allergies to Asteraceae/Compositae or gallstones.

Users have also been advised to consult a medical professional before using the product if they suffer from any of the following: gastrointestinal diseases and blood-clotting disorders.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We were unable to find any form of guarantee, warranty or money-back guarantee.

There are numerous customer reviews on Amazon but at the time of writing the overall rating was a so-so 3.9 out of five stars with 18% of the reviews rating it negatively. Many of the negative reviews noted the product didn’t work for them.

The Bottom Line

Nature’s Way Leg Veins Support Blend claims to improve blood circulation and strengthen leg veins. This claim is supported by the ingredients in the formula. However, the lack of a return policy on the company website and the less than stellar aggregate review score on Amazon are cause for concern.

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