What is Life Enhancement Vein-Brain Tonic?

Life Enhancement’s Vein-Brain Tonic is a dietary supplement which aims to improve vein structure and function and blood circulation. The manufacturer suggests that its formula, especially the inclusion of Gotu kola, can help improve the way your legs, in particular, look and feel.


A bottle of Life Enhancement’s Vein-Brain Tonic contains 90 capsules. A single serving of the product contains:

  • 333 mg of Diosmin
  • 300 mg of Troxerutin
  • 166 mg of Horse chestnut seed extract
  • 33 mg of Hesperidin from oranges
  • 20 mg of Gotu kola whole plant extract, also known as TTFCA

The product additionally contains:


Users have been advised to take a two capsules 3 times a day (with meals for best results). An optional fourth serving of two capsules is suggested for bedtime. The notes that the product is suitable only for adults.


The 90-capsule bottle is available at for $55.95, which the company claims is a reduction from its original cost of $104.99.

Possible Side Effects

While conducting our research, we were unable to find any specific side-effects that the product may cause. However, the company cautions children and pregnant or lactating women against consuming the capsules. Furthermore, the company warns that if a user is sensitive to any specific ingredient the formula contains, then they should not consume the product. The maximum eight pills a day seems potentially excessive and thus it’s worth consulting a medical professional before deciding on a daily dosage.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer offers a 30-day return policy. If a customer is dissatisfied with the product, they may send the unused portion back to the company. In return, the manufacturer offers one of two options – the user can either purchase another product at full credit, or receive a refund excluding shipping costs.

There are no customer reviews on the product website.

The Bottom Line

Vein-Brain Tonic claims to treat venous issues, and its formula supports this claim, as does the money-back guarantee. However, the product is expensive and the lack of customer reviews makes it difficult to assess its general effectiveness. Thus, we suggest considering alternative products.

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