What is Botanic Choice Horse Chestnut Extract?

Horse Chestnut Extract 600mg is among numerous supplements on the market that boast of possessing the ability to foster healthy blood circulation in the legs and other parts of the body. The supplement also claims to support normal leg size and comfort while working to maintain the balance of fluids in the body. Other things that the product boasts of are the ability to fight off leg fatigue and relieve itching. Moreover, the remedy is credited with possessing capabilities that are suited to boosting vascular health as well as facilitating the overall health of veins. The herbal capsules are also alleged to fortify and tone the walls of the veins and capillaries in the lower regions while they increase venous elasticity and foster their comfort.  The aim of this review is to give you a thorough examination of these claims so that you can make a worthy buying decision that will give you value for your money.


The main ingredient in this supplement is 600mg of Horse Chestnut Extract. Other ingredients include:

  • Maltodextrin
  • Gelatin
  • Vegetable Magnesium Stearate
  • Rice flour


The recommended dosage for the product’s consumption is 2 capsules per day accompanied with a meal.


The product retails at a cost of $10.98 for a bottle of 60 capsules. At the time we were searching the manufacturer’s website, we came across a Buy-One-Get-One free promotion.

Possible Side Effects

So far, we have not found any adverse side effects that are associated with the consumption of this product. However, some users need to take extra caution before they consume the supplement. All pregnant and nursing women are required to consult a doctor before they start using this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer backs this product with a 100% money-back guarantee. Such an assurance enables the buyer to enjoy a fall-back position to which they can resort if the product fails to meet their expectations. However, our search did not lead us to any verified user reviews on the manufacturer’s website except a few reviews we found on a leading and reputable online retailer and reseller of the supplement.

The Bottom Line

Horse Chestnut Extract 600mg is a good herbal supplement, and it has a few excellent features and benefits that can enhance people’s venous health. First, it is highly affordable given that it comes at a reasonable price of $10.98 for 60 capsules, and the manufacturer backs it with generous promotional discounts such as Buy-One-Get-One-Free. Secondly, it has a few positive and verified user reviews from one of the world’s most trusted online outlets. However, the product also has a few missing links that can drive a buyer to look for other substitutes on the market. First, it has a money-back guarantee that lacks a defined time frame. Second, it does not have necessary international certifications such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) that can enhance a buyer’s confidence level in its overall quality and safety.

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